Moving forward!

Guess who's back in town!!

Guess who’s back in town!!

After a wonderful Hiatus to explore my new freedom and long-awaited Graduation, I have returned to Kansas City and am ready to get working once again! Sometimes you just need a nice vacation to get the creative juices cooperating once again, and a trip to Disney World (for the very first time!) is one heck of a vacation to take!

I’m back and ready to get going. I’m looking forward to painting very soon, though for now I’m launching right into work for the KC Symphony and a new t shirt for Windrose Armoury. I’m also hoping to try my hand at getting a webcomic going, as well as finishing up roughs for the children’s book I started awhile back so I can get going on the finals. I’ve got a full plate and another business trip to leave for in just a few weeks, so lets see what all I can get done!!

I can do this!! 🙂


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