Who needs “New Years” Goals?

Not me, obviously! Oh well.

I can’t believe how quickly January came and went! Goodness gracious, so much to do and time is just flying right on by!

There have been some exciting new avenues I’ve taken a turn down with my art the last month and a half, and I’m just as excited to share them with you! Y’know, and anyone else that’ll listen.

I’ve started Live-Streaming!

That’s right, folks– I joined the 21st century and have created a Twitch.tv stream account on their Creative side of things. If you’re into watching people do art real-time, I suggest you click here and follow my channel! At this point in time, I’m publishing weekly schedules on Sundays that’ll cover the days, times in Central Time and projects to be worked on that week! For example, this week (February 12th thru 18th) I streamed Monday at 1, and will be streaming Tuesday at 1:30 (Comic Book Bears) and Saturday at 1:00 (Continuing with my Fantastic Beasts piece). I’ll also continue archiving my full length streams on Twitch, though I’ll warn you right now that I talk a lot and don’t always remember to repeat questions asked during the chat. Hey! I’m still learning!

If you’re like me and don’t always have time to watch a 2 hour stream, I’ve also started a Youtube Channel! I’m very particular with videos, so they do take time for me to finish, but I’ll have some (NOT ALL) of my streamed videos available on my youtube.

“But, Kitt? Why don’t I just watch in on Twitch then?”

Because, silly! The videos I’ll be posting on Youtube will all be time-lapsed as soon as I figure out how to do it the right way. If you’re interested in being a part of that insanity, please find and follow my Youtube! (You can just click here since Youtube doesn’t believe in easy url’s.)

So, there you have it! Exciting things! I’m working on updating my website since it’s in need of new news before I overlap the last time the site was updated. I’ll also be posting up a convention schedule, I’ve got several new pieces to share around, and an etsy shop that needs updating! Busy, busy, busy.

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!

2016 was a handful of a year, and I let this blog die out through out with only a handful of posts and updates over the past 12 months. That’s got to change. This 2017, I’m going to try harder to actually bring updates and art work for and featuring Simply Kitts Illustrations. So, to tie off some loose ends, here’s some of the super hero teddy bears I failed to update with last year! Hoping to add even more to the teddy bear collection this year, including Hulk, Robin, Red Skull, Riddler, Spider Gwen, Jean Grey, Hulkling and Wiccan! I’ve got all these teddy bear prints available in my Etsy shop, along with some stickers and buttons. I’ve got a whole slew of midwest comic cons lined up this year and will be posting about them in the near future.


Kansas City Comic Con is NEXT WEEKEND!

Despite all the frantic ups and downs of the past few weeks, I’m starting to get very excited for KCCC next weekend. I finished up my mini Comic Book Bears coloring book and have been working my way as fast and tirelessly as I can through a handful of other prints. If all works out, I’ll have some new mini prints and a couple large and normal sized prints for sale as well. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed… Might hafta hire some friends and bribe them with food and beer to get things done, but I’m gonna do what I can!

KCCC! Bartle Hall! Friday, Saturday and Sunday next weekend! Be there! 😀

Finding Dory was CUTE!

No, really, I’ll fight you on this 🙂 As someone who isn’t a fan of the majority of Disney’s sequels, this one might be one of my favorites. They geared it more towards adults, too, with the same amount of cute and plenty of tie-ins to its predecessor. In fact, it might be my favorite sequel… I don’t know, the jury’s still out on that. Monsters U was just SO relatable!

Why does this matter? Well, because it was cute. and as such, it’s my job as an illustrator to showcase something that is that cute! So…. Ta-da!

It’s CUDDLE TIME!! Seriously… This movie was too cute, all the annoying-ness aside. It’s worth a watch. 🙂 Why an otter? Well, you obviously haven’t seen the movie then. Hop to it!

The original painting took about 2 hours, and is only 8 x 8 inches! I’m thinking of making it into a print– anyone interested?

Catch up time!

Goodness, gracious! It has certainly been a long time since I’ve posted any work up on this blog! I hope you’ll bear with me in recapping an entire, what… year and a half of inactivity?

A mind is a terrible thing to lose! What a busy two years it has been.

A few quick notes, then:

  1. I’ve revamped my website, so hopefully a revamp of this account will be in the works shortly. Two days of website building and I’m pretty much wiped out!
  2. I am still creating all kinds of works, even if I am not so good at posting about my latest pieces here. If you like to follow in progress work, I insist you look me up on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter where I keep up with that work MUCH more regularly.
  3. I’ll be opening a shop separate from Etsy before long! I hope to leave Etsy behind in the near future, but we’ll see.
  4. Biggest News of ALL: I’ve been accepted and will have a table at KCCC (Kansas City Comic Con) in August! Very excited as it will be my first convention ever! So, if you’re in the area, please come by! It’ll be fun for the whole family.

Alright, I’ll have some art works up soon, everyone, and thank you for your patience!

Final Illustration Work while attending KCAI

I’m on my way to feeling fantastic!!

I have officially finished my art career at KCAI. Artwork is done, the shows start tomorrow and the day after, and it’s time to buckle down and work on papers and presentations due Monday and Wednesday of next week. Woohoo!

Finished these and I’m quite happy with them– there will be real life images of them later on.


p.s. I have them for sale, too! :p

A Contemplation worth Sharing

Last week’s even it has passed and it’s mid-week of Spring Break. I’ve discovered, over the years, that it really sucks how short a day, a week, and a year really are. With a conversation just yesterday, my Grandfather asked why I didn’t find a little job over Spring Break. I answered with the obvious “no one hires for that amount of time” and then added a very sad fact. 

“The week’s already almost over,” I told him, to which he replied “It’s only Tuesday!” 

“There’s only four days left in the week!” I told him, and have since been trying to figure out when time became something there’s never enough of. People tell me daily “Graduation must feel so far away,” and I can’t help but argue that it feels like it’ll be here tomorrow, and I have so much work to get done by then. It’s a mentality, I realize, that helps me to feel like I’m always behind.

I’ll have more pretty pictures to post up soon. I’m finishing up my “Evolution of Music” piece, and have started on a series of Library Cards. I’m also working up a series of “Thank You” notes, my own Commencement notifications, and have developed the serious desire to start a webcomic about a pair of unlikely twins and the trouble they get into as thieves and brothers. 

We’ll see how that one goes later, I think. 🙂

The Harvest: Was a Success!

… I think? Either way, the event was a total blast! Now that it’s done it’s time time to bunker down and get some personal work done. Ah… At last!

Here’s some fun shots of my table for the event. Enjoy!!