Super Bears – Joker & Harley Quinn

They aren’t “super heroes” or even really “super” at all, but you have to have some villains if you’re going to have super heroes. Besides… DC makes some real good villains. I originally made these designs to be hung side by side, too.

That’s it for super bears so far, though I have several more that are still in progress, including the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange. πŸ™‚

Super Bears – Batman & Stan Lee

A while back I had postedΒ an image of my Superman inspired teddy bear illustration (Superbear), and just recently realized I never finished putting up the other bears I had finished and sold at Planet ComiCon in May! Oops.

So, here you have Batbear and Stan Lee.

“What? Stan Lee??”

Yes, Stan Lee. Since he was at the convention and it was announced to be one of his last ones, I decided to make a little limited edition print of him as a bear.

Each of these illustrations also produced some pretty adorable buttons, which you can find and purchase in my shop. Haven’t gotten prints up yet, but they will be. Soon.

Stay tuned, I’ve got several more to post up over the next couple days.

Finding Dory was CUTE!

No, really, I’ll fight you on this πŸ™‚ As someone who isn’t a fan of the majority of Disney’s sequels, this one might be one of my favorites. They geared it more towards adults, too, with the same amount of cute and plenty of tie-ins to its predecessor. In fact, it might be my favorite sequel… I don’t know, the jury’s still out on that. Monsters U was just SO relatable!

Why does this matter? Well, because it was cute. and as such, it’s my job as an illustrator to showcase something that is that cute! So…. Ta-da!

It’sΒ CUDDLE TIME!! Seriously… This movie was too cute, all the annoying-ness aside. It’s worth a watch. πŸ™‚ Why an otter? Well, you obviously haven’t seen the movie then. Hop to it!

The original painting took about 2 hours, and is only 8 x 8 inches! I’m thinking of making it into a print– anyone interested?

Moving forward!

Guess who's back in town!!

Guess who’s back in town!!

After a wonderful Hiatus to explore my new freedom and long-awaited Graduation, I have returned to Kansas City and am ready to get working once again! Sometimes you just need a nice vacation to get the creative juices cooperating once again, and a trip to Disney World (for the very first time!) is one heck of a vacation to take!

I’m back and ready to get going. I’m looking forward to painting very soon, though for now I’m launching right into work for the KC Symphony and a new t shirt for Windrose Armoury. I’m also hoping to try my hand at getting a webcomic going, as well as finishing up roughs for the children’s book I started awhile back so I can get going on the finals. I’ve got a full plate and another business trip to leave for in just a few weeks, so lets see what all I can get done!!

I can do this!! πŸ™‚